Install Pentaho 4.5 CE as service on Windows 7 x64

Pentaho is an open source Business Intelligence suite. I installed the server according to these very informative posts and had been working with the server with bundled script to start and stop.

I tried to install service and the service simply cannot run though successfully installed. (Bundled Pentaho 4.5 only includes Tomcat 6 32-bit. It can be started with bundled start-pentaho.bat and it can be installed as service using bundled service.bat)

After so many searches, trials and errors, I have successfully installed the Pentaho 4.5 as service on my Windows 7 64 bit. The following content describes how did I do it.


  • Some information
  • Install JDK and configure
  • Replace tomcat 6
  • Install and configure service
  • Q&A
  • Sources

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Portable WEMP/WNMP

I am a big fan of portable applications. I love them the way they are instantly usable in different computers. As I am trying my hands on web development, I use XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP all those make use of Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP. I read that is serving the service with nginx server and I want to try it, if possible in portable way.

And I found the Xeoncross’s WNMP (Windos, Nginx, MySQL, PHP). Here are the steps I took to install wordpress on Windows 7.
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How to install Todo.txt on Windows

Todo.txt is a Text-based Task Manager. It let you track your tasks and projects in a plain text file, todo.txt. A todo.txt is software and operating system agnostic; it’s searchable, portable, lightweight and easily manipulated.

I am using windows and I want to use it. But the wiki page only describe it can be installed on windows but doesn’t describe detail enough. Here is the step I take to install.

  1. Install cygwin  in d:\cygwin\
  2. Download ToDo.txt
  3. Extract the 2 files into the d:\cygwin\home\user_name\
  4. Create .todo folder under d:\cygwin\home\ (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\)
  5. Change one line in todo.cfg file; remove the preceding # from #export TODO_DIR ="c:/Documents and Settings/gina/My Documents" and chage to the folder where I want to keep your data resulting export TODO_DIR="D:/(todo)" and save
  6. Move the todo.cfg to d:\cygwin\home\.todo\user_name\ (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\todo.cfg)
  7. Rename the todo.cfg to config (no extension) (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\config)
  8. Run ‘Cygwin Bash Shell’
  9. Run by typing
  10. Run alias so that I can run with less typing (I now can type t instead of

If you can’t run with or want alias permanent try the arandomthinker’s tip