Install Pentaho 4.5 CE as service on Windows 7 x64

Pentaho is an open source Business Intelligence suite. I installed the server according to these very informative posts and had been working with the server with bundled script to start and stop.

I tried to install service and the service simply cannot run though successfully installed. (Bundled Pentaho 4.5 only includes Tomcat 6 32-bit. It can be started with bundled start-pentaho.bat and it can be installed as service using bundled service.bat)

After so many searches, trials and errors, I have successfully installed the Pentaho 4.5 as service on my Windows 7 64 bit. The following content describes how did I do it.


  • Some information
  • Install JDK and configure
  • Replace tomcat 6
  • Install and configure service
  • Q&A
  • Sources

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How to make PicPick Portable

PicPick is an all-in-one program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard.

In early days, the creator allowed prgram files downloading in zip file. Currently, (3.0.3) at the time of writing, the web site only has installation file. Continue reading “How to make PicPick Portable”

How did I reset my PinguyOS user password

This morning I booted up the PinguyOS linux installed on my VirtualBox (on Windows). I stucked at login page because I do not remember the password. I searched for how to reset pinguyOS linux and ubuntu linux. I found two methods, one method using boot into root bash through recovery boot and the other method directly boot into root bash. First method didn’t work for me as root bash asked for me the password and I  don’t know root password. Second method didn’t directly work as well. That article said ‘find line starting with kernel’ and I couldn’t find that one. I figured out and tried the following and I did reset my password.

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Portable WEMP/WNMP

I am a big fan of portable applications. I love them the way they are instantly usable in different computers. As I am trying my hands on web development, I use XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP all those make use of Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP. I read that is serving the service with nginx server and I want to try it, if possible in portable way.

And I found the Xeoncross’s WNMP (Windos, Nginx, MySQL, PHP). Here are the steps I took to install wordpress on Windows 7.
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Managing Movies (without extra software)

Managing movies file in folder and file name is quite un-intuitive. Thus is why great softwares like Mediaman (windows), Delicious library (mac), GCStar (all platforms) come to existence. Along with them we have to pay for their work.

Some times we have no way to pay for them. Here is my solution to management headache of my backup movies. In this way I can keep track of my movies. It works well with or without media players in my Windows XP and Ubuntu uPnP server.

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