WordPress white screen with forbidden word

If you login to your WordPress site and it replied with the only word forbidden with white background, try this fix.

This is NOT “white screen of death”.

Add the following to your .htaccess file above # BEGIN WordPress

Order deny,allow

DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

This depends on the hosting config for Apache and its version. I used this fix for Apache 2.4

Deluge: ‘PreferencesManager’ object has no attribute ‘do_config_set_func’

Deluge is a torrent client. Some days ago I updated it to latest version (1.3.12) on my ArchLinux and the Scheduler plugin was not working as it should.

I found the following error in the log

AttributeError: 'PreferencesManager' object has no attribute 'do_config_set_func'

In the forum title Scheduler locked in slow mode, the reply stated

Yes sorry I make a mistake in 1.3.12 when fixing another issue. Here is the fix applied for next release: http://git.deluge-torrent.org/deluge/commit/?h=1.3-stable&id=cdf301601fe71bd697f3796cf0a5656d437d140e
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