Firefox, Flashgot and JDownloader

Firefox is one of the best modern browsers.

JDownloader is one of the best free download managers.

Flashgot is the addon for firefox that can integrate various download manager like JDownloader with Firefox.

Flashgot has the function to detect the download manager installed on the machine and it does support JDownloader.

In another way, JDownloader supports installation of Flashgot in Firefox and integration of them with JDownloader by providing a button.

Button does not work

But JDownloader’s button to do so does not work (in my case) with later Firefoxes.

I carried out the following procedure to integrate Flashgot with JDownloader.

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Using many version of firefox

How to use different version of firefox on the same windows machine.

Mozilla team is actively releasing the Firefox recently. It is a good thing and welcomed by many Firefox lovers. Just a thing, not every addon is compatible with the newly released Firefox. Until the addons you used are fully compatible with the latest one, you have to hold your urge to update the firefox or just ignore the addons.

There is a way to run two or more firefoxes (in PC), you need to

  • install the firefoxes to different folder
  • create separate profile for each firefox
  • change shortcuts to run with separate profile

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