[issue] Mac OS X deluge notification area menu not working

Deluge system tray icon not working on Mac (Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra)

Deluge icon menu

Currently, I configure it not to use system tray icon by unchecking the Enable system tray icon checkbox under
Edit > Preferences > Interface > System Tray section.

If you have a solution, please leave a comment.

Deluge: ‘PreferencesManager’ object has no attribute ‘do_config_set_func’

Deluge is a torrent client. Some days ago I updated it to latest version (1.3.12) on my ArchLinux and the Scheduler plugin was not working as it should.

I found the following error in the log

AttributeError: 'PreferencesManager' object has no attribute 'do_config_set_func'

In the forum title Scheduler locked in slow mode, the reply stated

Yes sorry I make a mistake in 1.3.12 when fixing another issue. Here is the fix applied for next release: http://git.deluge-torrent.org/deluge/commit/?h=1.3-stable&id=cdf301601fe71bd697f3796cf0a5656d437d140e
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