Solving KeyMagic program crash

KeyMagic is a keyboard program that allows user to switch to various keyboard layout such as Myanmar Smart Keyboard, ZawGyi keyboard, etc.

We have been supporting offices using Myanmar Unicode with KeyMagic for some times now. One of the common problems we usually encounter is user suddenly cannot open KeyMagic program.

This is the steps we carry out to solve the problem

  1. Close KeyMagic program file (make sure there are no more KeyMagic.exe under Task Manager)
  2. Move the user.config file under the following directory to somewhere (for backup)
  3. Then restart the KeyMagic program


  • replace with actual username
  • in place of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you will see random character likes kbk1hsvhhgustjayof3hzsq5ln203ol0

Some technical details

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Printer dialog freezes after setting Properties


Printer dialog freezes after setting Properties of (any) printer.



  • DELL Optiplex 9020
  • HP LaserJet 400 M401d (connected with USB)


  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • UAC notify
  • HP PCL 6 driver for Windows 7 64-bit
  • HP printer firmware 20160224

Steps tried before solution

  • carry out sfc /scannnow
  • carry out chkdsk
  • tried updating to lastest firmware and drivers
  • tried different setting in printer properties such as spooling, bidirectional support, rendering, etc.
  • change user role
    • When the user role is User, the printer dialog box freezes.
    • If the user role is Admininstrator, the printer dialog box does not freeze.
    • If the user role is Power Users, the printer dialog box does not freeze.


Set the user role to Power Users.


  • This will not solve all the freeze cases as there were other causes
  • Setting the user role to Power Users may not be feasible in certain cases.

Fix/repair MFT in NTFS drive


I could no longer access the portable driver after a reboot. Driver letter was displayed correctly. But the disk needed to be formatted for use. My first impression is that I lost my partition table corrupted.

Finding solution

Corrupted MFT (Master File Table) was the problem I found when I run chkdsk /f g:
I tried

  • ntfsfix (in linux)
  • TestDisk fix MFT (which use MFTmirr, backup of MFT)

to repair MFT, but all in vain. TestDisk wiki advised to try commercial.


Obviously, MFT is beyond repair. So the situation was should I try to salvage data.
The disk contains all the data I have collected for almost 5 years. Some are invaluable personally. So the answer is Go for salvage as much as I can.

Selecting Commercial

There are a lot of commerical recovery out there (after visiting a lot of forum)

I had some good result with GetDataBack NTFS in the past and I tried with it.

Further problem

GetDataBack can successfully display almost all the data but with some problems or issues

  • NTFS took 8 hours to scan my 500GB (during the scan integer overflow errors happened)
  • building index and extracting MFT took another 10 mins
  • some folders are located under different folder
  • some folder contains more than 800GB of data (my HDD is only 500GB)

Last problem

My tib file is 88GB and it took a lot of time (10% = 8 GB took 4 hours). The problem was made worse by

  • portable HDD (USB 2.0 transfer rate)
  • 6 hours electricity black out every 18 hours (my inverter could only cover 3 hours)
  • not enough space in computer recovering the portable HDD
  • no more external HDD for recovery

Now the file is the only one to be salvaged.

Retrospective Diagnosis

Before the reboot, I mounted the Acronis TrueImage backup (*.tib) file which is on my portable HDD and rebooted the computer.

On receovery with GetDataBack NTFS, I found

  • System folder of the partition in tib file
  • it is confirmed by the old user name under the Users folder

So it is assumed that, system wrote MFT (which is supported to write to tib file) to actual HDD (my portable HDD)

How to make PicPick Portable

PicPick is an all-in-one program that provides full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair and even whiteboard.

In early days, the creator allowed prgram files downloading in zip file. Currently, (3.0.3) at the time of writing, the web site only has installation file. Continue reading “How to make PicPick Portable”

Portable WEMP/WNMP

I am a big fan of portable applications. I love them the way they are instantly usable in different computers. As I am trying my hands on web development, I use XAMPP, WAMP, MAMP all those make use of Apache webserver, MySQL and PHP. I read that is serving the service with nginx server and I want to try it, if possible in portable way.

And I found the Xeoncross’s WNMP (Windos, Nginx, MySQL, PHP). Here are the steps I took to install wordpress on Windows 7.
Continue reading “Portable WEMP/WNMP”

How to install Todo.txt on Windows

Todo.txt is a Text-based Task Manager. It let you track your tasks and projects in a plain text file, todo.txt. A todo.txt is software and operating system agnostic; it’s searchable, portable, lightweight and easily manipulated.

I am using windows and I want to use it. But the wiki page only describe it can be installed on windows but doesn’t describe detail enough. Here is the step I take to install.

  1. Install cygwin  in d:\cygwin\
  2. Download ToDo.txt
  3. Extract the 2 files into the d:\cygwin\home\user_name\
  4. Create .todo folder under d:\cygwin\home\ (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\)
  5. Change one line in todo.cfg file; remove the preceding # from #export TODO_DIR ="c:/Documents and Settings/gina/My Documents" and chage to the folder where I want to keep your data resulting export TODO_DIR="D:/(todo)" and save
  6. Move the todo.cfg to d:\cygwin\home\.todo\user_name\ (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\todo.cfg)
  7. Rename the todo.cfg to config (no extension) (resulting path will be d:\cygwin\home\user_name\.todo\config)
  8. Run ‘Cygwin Bash Shell’
  9. Run by typing
  10. Run alias so that I can run with less typing (I now can type t instead of

If you can’t run with or want alias permanent try the arandomthinker’s tip