Terminal alternative for Mac OS X

Terminal is part of the developer/administrator’s day to day tasks. Mac built-in terminal lacks features and the followings are the alternative I am using

  • iTerm2 – a terminal emulator of OS X that does amazing things
  • HyperTerm – JS/HTML/CSS Terminal


If you want to learn terminal commands, head to Command Line Fu


Other list

First use of Mac Book Air

Two days before, I bought a Mac Book Air 13″ (128 SSD, 4 GB RAM) for my elder brother (using his money).

It was resold by a stranger who got back from Hong Kong and he sold it with some discount. As I acted as a buyer I have to confirm the fact he claimed and make sure the MBA was genuine and not repacking of old used one.

One good thing about buying Apple product is you can get instant information using serial number of the product. In short, I didn’t need to do much. I just

  1. looked up the serial on Apple web site and confirmed
  2. checked packing and serial number on the box and back of MBA

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Mac screen sharing and Remmina on Linux

I have a Mac mini (Yosemite) and a laptop with Xubuntu 14.04. I needed to remote control my macmini from my laptop (in same network).

First, I setup the mac according to the knowledge base.

Second, I configured Remmina (1.2) for remote access.
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