Solving KeyMagic program crash

KeyMagic is a keyboard program that allows user to switch to various keyboard layout such as Myanmar Smart Keyboard, ZawGyi keyboard, etc.

We have been supporting offices using Myanmar Unicode with KeyMagic for some times now. One of the common problems we usually encounter is user suddenly cannot open KeyMagic program.

This is the steps we carry out to solve the problem

  1. Close KeyMagic program file (make sure there are no more KeyMagic.exe under Task Manager)
  2. Move the user.config file under the following directory to somewhere (for backup)
  3. Then restart the KeyMagic program


  • replace with actual username
  • in place of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you will see random character likes kbk1hsvhhgustjayof3hzsq5ln203ol0

Some technical details

  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit

Deluge: ‘PreferencesManager’ object has no attribute ‘do_config_set_func’

Deluge is a torrent client. Some days ago I updated it to latest version (1.3.12) on my ArchLinux and the Scheduler plugin was not working as it should.

I found the following error in the log

AttributeError: 'PreferencesManager' object has no attribute 'do_config_set_func'

In the forum title Scheduler locked in slow mode, the reply stated

Yes sorry I make a mistake in 1.3.12 when fixing another issue. Here is the fix applied for next release:
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Install Raneto 0.7.1 with nvm

In this log, I recorded the steps I took to install Raneto 0.7.1 with Node Version Manager (on Xubuntu and Archlinux)

This log was recorded because I have problem upgrading from 0.6 to 0.7.1

  1. Install Node Version Manager (NVM) – doc
    curl -o- | NVM_DIR=/usr/local/nvm bash
  2. Install node version 4reference – yet-to-be-updated doc said v0.10+
    nvm install v4.2.1
    nvm use v4.2.1
  3. Clone Raneto
    git clone
  4. Install
    cd Raneto
    npm install
    # run the following optional command if Raneto web pages were displayed incorrectly
  5. Start
    npm start
  6. Visit http://localhost:3000


  • nvm: Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions
  • Raneto: Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs
Raneto with no gulp.js run
Raneto with no gulp.js run

Fix Synology DS412+ DSM 5.2 file system

I have been using a Synology DS412+ (with DSM 5.2) for almost 1 years now and I am happy with it.

The other day, I forgot to switch on my Prolink IPS1000 UPS and electricity went out. Electricity on, I switched on my UPS and my DS came up okay, I can browse the files and DS was checking parity integrity. Electricity went out again and I afraid checking would take long and UPS couldn’t hold enough, so I shut down.

When electricity was on again and my DS was up, I found out the following problem.

  1. Disk management showed error “Connection failed. Please check your network settings.”
  2. Disk management was not showing anything but blank area.
  3. Info Center showed incorrect capacity and usage was over 100%.
  4. I can browse but DS warned me of not enough storage on widget.
  5. CPU usage was 99% on widget.
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Firefox, Flashgot and JDownloader

Firefox is one of the best modern browsers.

JDownloader is one of the best free download managers.

Flashgot is the addon for firefox that can integrate various download manager like JDownloader with Firefox.

Flashgot has the function to detect the download manager installed on the machine and it does support JDownloader.

In another way, JDownloader supports installation of Flashgot in Firefox and integration of them with JDownloader by providing a button.

Button does not work

But JDownloader’s button to do so does not work (in my case) with later Firefoxes.

I carried out the following procedure to integrate Flashgot with JDownloader.

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