Introduction to Game Design: assignment 1

I am trying to learn game programming and CalArt’s Introduction to game design course is recommended by Ozgur Ozan Cakmak.

It is free to audit the course but needs 49 USD/month to take part in the course (submitting assignment, getting grades, etc.)

For first assignment “Make a simple paper-based game”, I created “Rolling with the dices”.

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rbenv setup with ZSh and Oh-my-zsh

rbenv is an utility program to manage multiple Ruby programming language runtime versions.

ZSh is an alternative shell for *nix system. Oh-my-ZSh is framework for ZSh which supports themes and plugins.

rbenv provide comprehensive installation methods for different shells. This post describes the use of oh-my-Zsh rbenv plugin for rbenv setup.

  1. Install rbenv (do not add load and init script to your .zshrc)
  2. Install plugins/rbenv in oh-my-Zsh
  3. Remove load and init lines (if they were installed) – optional

Good things about this approach

No need to append rbenv line to .zshrc or calling rbenv init function. Those will be taken care by the plugin.