Tun Win Naing



Working as MD/project manager of a local technology company called Sys-City Co., Ltd.

Worked as a consultant (MIS database development) for Shae Thot project of Pact Myanmar

Worked as a database administrator in CARE International in Myanmar (an International Non-Governmental Organization)


  1. IDCS (with  java, vb.net 2005)
  2. IADCS
  3. BSc (Hons) BIT


  1. java assignments emphasizing string manipulation with regular expression, multi threading, applet, swing
  2. programming method assignment emphasizing PSD, DSD, FlowChart, Pseudocode
  3. vb.net 2005 assignment with composing, decomposing secret message
  4. asp.net 2.0 project for online order processing system of a retail and wholesale store
  5. network assignment ‘thin client’ technology
  6. fundamentals of hardware and operating system
  7. j2ee assigments (JDBC, Servlet, JSP, EL, JSTL) with the title of data mining learning, adaptive web, ebook library
  8. database design and development


  • web design, development and services
  • programming
  • analysis and design
  • software engineering



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