Introduction to Game Design: assignment 1

I am trying to learn game programming and CalArt’s Introduction to game design course is recommended by Ozgur Ozan Cakmak.

It is free to audit the course but needs 49 USD/month to take part in the course (submitting assignment, getting grades, etc.)

For first assignment “Make a simple paper-based game”, I created “Rolling with the dices”.


Rolling with the dices


reach GOAL using two dices

Instruction to play

requires one or two physical dices (or) virtual dices

  • Player start from START position.
  • Player throw two dices and the first is taken as x, second dice as y.
  • Move the player accordingly and mark the slot.
  • If the slot has instruction, make the instruction affects on next throw (e.g. Next x = 6 – take x as 6 and second dice as y).
  • If player move again on the same slot, throw two dices to pick one of the followings. The effect affects next move.
    • 2, 12: GOAL
    • 3, 5, 7, 9, 11: go to y 7
    • 4, 6, 8, 10: go to x 7
  • For dramatic effect, use only one dice.

Download to play


  • simple objective: checked
  • difficulties:
    • can be varied with draw and slot instruction.
    • reaching GOAL made easier with longer playing time
  • game of chance: purely game of chance (not a game of skill)

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