First use of Mac Book Air

Two days before, I bought a Mac Book Air 13″ (128 SSD, 4 GB RAM) for my elder brother (using his money).

It was resold by a stranger who got back from Hong Kong and he sold it with some discount. As I acted as a buyer I have to confirm the fact he claimed and make sure the MBA was genuine and not repacking of old used one.

One good thing about buying Apple product is you can get instant information using serial number of the product. In short, I didn’t need to do much. I just

  1. looked up the serial on Apple web site and confirmed
  2. checked packing and serial number on the box and back of MBA

I was using DELL 15″ laptop (i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Radeon graphics) for almost 3 years with Xubuntu on it. I was quite content with my laptop (except for some glitches and recent HDD failure and painful recovery process). I was not a stranger to Apple products, I was using a 3 years old iPhone 5, Apple TV 3rd generation, Mac mini and iPad mini (in the past iPod mini, iPad 1st generation).

However, the user experience difference between my Ubuntu DELL laptop and MBA was huge. MBA was at totally different level (In the past I had read about Linus Torvald using 11″ MBA and praised the hardware and experiencing was better than knowing or reading). I can forgot about the power management configuration, screen sleeping, WiFi not connecting and failing battery. (In better days, DELL could give me 4 hours of working)

I will definitely buy MBA if my laptop is due to replace and I would recommend someone (not afraid of learning new things) to try MBA.

The other tempting options are


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