Install Raneto 0.7.1 with nvm

In this log, I recorded the steps I took to install Raneto 0.7.1 with Node Version Manager (on Xubuntu and Archlinux)

This log was recorded because I have problem upgrading from 0.6 to 0.7.1

  1. Install Node Version Manager (NVM) – doc
    curl -o- | NVM_DIR=/usr/local/nvm bash
  2. Install node version 4reference – yet-to-be-updated doc said v0.10+
    nvm install v4.2.1
    nvm use v4.2.1
  3. Clone Raneto
    git clone
  4. Install
    cd Raneto
    npm install
    # run the following optional command if Raneto web pages were displayed incorrectly
  5. Start
    npm start
  6. Visit http://localhost:3000


  • nvm: Simple bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions
  • Raneto: Markdown powered Knowledgebase for Nodejs
Raneto with no gulp.js run
Raneto with no gulp.js run

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