AppleTV and Plex*

AppleTV + internet connection in Myanmar = wasted 99USD

With Plex Media Server and Plex Connect, my AppleTV became the most cheapest and useful Apple product for me.

Plex Media Server is a media server by Plex that can be accessed from many devices (phone, tables, DLNA devices) and via web.

Plex Connect is an intermediary service that makes AppleTV trailer app to use Plex Media Server. (For trailer, user can use Apple Trailer Channel of Plex Media Server)

Although the setup needs understanding of network and some command line work, the system runs smoothly after setup. The system plays most of the media files okay, there are some problems such as

  • 5.1 channel audio not wokring
  • Directplay of MP4 file not displaying subtitle (Configure Plex to always transcode video file fixes this issue)
  • ISO, VIDEO_TS formats unknown to Plex Media Server

I satisfy with current system and ordered Synology DiskStation 412+ to unify my media files.


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