Managing Movies (without extra software)

Managing movies file in folder and file name is quite un-intuitive. Thus is why great softwares like Mediaman (windows), Delicious library (mac), GCStar (all platforms) come to existence. Along with them we have to pay for their work.

Some times we have no way to pay for them. Here is my solution to management headache of my backup movies. In this way I can keep track of my movies. It works well with or without media players in my Windows XP and Ubuntu uPnP server.

  • Create New folder
  • Name with consistent format
    • I choose Title – Subtitle (year) e.g. Pirates of the Carribean – Death Man’s Chest (199?)
  • Save ripped movie file into the folder e.g. tom and jerry.kmv
  • Save subtitle file with the same name (leave extension as it was) e.g. tom and
    • try online subtitle sites or
    • try subtitle downloader softwares
  • Save poster as folder
    • make sure it is jpg format
    • I used 400×600 pixel (approx) jpg
  • Select Thumbnail as view and you will see all the poster
  • resulting folder structure will be like this
|- Pirates of the Carribean - Death Man's Chest (199?)
|  |- Pirates of the Carribean - Death Man's Chest.avi
|  |- Pirates of the Carribean - Death Man's Chest.jpg
|  |- folder.jpg
|- Matrix - Reloaded
|- Matrix - Revolution
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Screenshot of the folder containing movie files

Extra tips.

  • you can find poster with ” movie” in Google image. e.g. Gone in 60 seconds movie
  • you can enlarge the thumbnail view using TweakXP
  • you can hide the folder name by pressing shift key when you select the Thumbnail from View.
  • you can unhide the folder name by changing to other view and then repeat the shift key + thumbnail view
  • you can use XBMC, VLC, KM Player or something like that to enjoy your collection

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