Canon LBP 2900

5th ICT exhibition was held from 23rd to 25th Feb, 2007. I wandered around and found a laser printer I could afford with my money. Canon LBP 2900. Thre price in exhibition is around K190,000/- (i.e. 155 US$). I found that at the other shop 188,000. The gap is 2,000. I came home and looked for the price in internet and found out it is just $110.

 I have no choice. I went and bought it in 25th. Assembled and tested it. Result is pretty good: little warming up time, good speed (12ppm), low noise.

But the Driver in CD (come along) is out of date: 1.0 version (current version is 3.0). Nevermind, I downloaded it and installed it. I feel satisfied with my new printer until I found out there is no duplexing feature. :<


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