SMS contest in Mandalay

This morning, I was in Skywalk Shopping Mall, exactly in the square in front of the Orange Supermarket. There was a stage, screen, soundboxes, and crowd. people in front of the stage are sitting and handling a GSM phone for the SMS contest held by AnyCall. This contest is sponsered by Cafe Picasso, Min Thi Ha Cafe and others. The presenters are from Dream Boat. Technically sponsered by MIT.

Some of the contest is to entered the quiz answers correct and fast. It is the demo of the contest and some gift given out. Later big Mobile Phone photos were cut down into pieces and let the crowd arrange them into correct one. And here some gift given out. Last for the morning session, fast SMS contest was started. A saying or motto is displayed on the screnn and the contestants had to sent it fast and correct.

In the First round, the contestants are divided into groups and prizes were given to the member of the group. Next round was individual contest.

AFAIR, the person who won the individual contest is “Kyaw Zin Latt”.

In the group round, I was sitting near him. His typing speed was quite good and no match for the other contestants. He also had his 2 friends besides him to tell the message he had to entered and to correct the spelling. No matter what, he is quite a SMSer.

As a prize, he got a pillow worths around 18,000/- Ks.


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